How do I sell my antiques or jewelry?

Contact Scott Gram for a free consultation. It’s best to start by a phone call, then email or text photographs to see if we can be helpful.

How am I paid for my collection?

You will be paid immediately if you wish to sell outright, no waiting, no fuss. We have been a business customer of Chase Bank for over 30 years, we normally pay by check. For large collections, money wire transfers or cashiers checks can be arranged. We do not pay for items with cash, we are a legitimate business and need a record of every purchase we make.

Do you do appraisals?

Though we are certified antique appraisers, We are primarily buyers and prefer to help by providing a list of qualified appraisers we work with if you need a document for insurance or estate settlement. If however, you are planning to sell, you may not wish to spend the money on a written appraisal. Additionally, because we are buyers, it is a conflict of interest for us to “appraise” your items, then purchase them. We can however consult with you regarding current values of your items. We are happy to show you latest auction records for comparable items that you are selling so you can see the current market values first hand.

Do you have a store location?

We are a mobile service and will come to you. Keeping our overhead low is a big reason why we are able to pay more than the brick and mortar buyers that advertise locally to buy fine jewelry. We urge you to take your fine jewelry and diamonds around and get your BEST offer, then come see us, you will be happy you did.

Are you able to liquidate an entire estate?

Yes, we are here to help you find someone you can trust and work with even if it isn’t us. This is part of our emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

Do you accept consignments?

The short answer is no. We only purchase items outright. You have your money instantly that way. In some circumstances, we will sometimes help you find another trusted professional if needed.

Do you purchase large collections?

Absolutely! No collection is too large for us. We are one of the biggest buyers in Arizona, we are well funded and able to handle the largest collections out there.

Do you buy all gold jewelry?

Yes! Even broken gold jewelry has intrinsic value. We encourage our clients to get other offers on their fine jewelry prior to making an appointment with us, we want to be last so we can beat any offers you may have. We simply pay more for your fine jewelry.

Do you pay appraisal prices?

No. Most appraisals are created for insurance purposes, or retail replacement value. This is the highest value generally given to an item so the insured may be made whole in the event of a loss. Most insurance appraisals have nothing to do with secondary market values. However, if you have an appraisal for estate liquidation value, we generally do pay somewhere around that price. If you have an auction estimate from one of the large auction houses, we generally pay somewhere around the low auction estimate and you will save commission, moving costs, and other associated selling fees that may be incurred. We pride ourselves on our integrity.

I live out of state but I am in charge of settling an estate in Arizona, can you help?

Yes, we work with out of state trustees. We can guide you through the entire process.

Are you a fiduciary?

No. However, I work with fiduciaries as a consultant and a buyer.

Do you buy antique furniture?

Generally not. We primarily deal with small, shippable items.

Will you travel out of state?

Though we are situated in the Phoenix metro area, we can and will travel to you in special circumstances, as your needs dictate.

How much do you charge?

There is no fee for our services. We are dealers and will resell items purchased from estates, so we will make a fair offer that allows us to resell.